About Imran

Imran Yusof wears a lotta hats. He’s a freelance financial markets consultant, digital agency owner, and side hustle coach… amongst other things.

He’s from Singapore but lives with his wife and two cats in a small suburb in Malaysia.

For now.

He spends some of his free time running errands for his wife, cleaning kitty litter for his two cats, reading books, and operating a handful of digital businesses… none of which seem like work… and only take up a few days a week.

At worst.

Once upon a time, he was a banker, trading the financial markets for top-tier Banks in South East Asia.

After surviving multiple global market and economic crises, he decided it was time to let that story go on without him burning out in the process.

He left his 9to5 corporate life in 2011 to pursue consulting and freelancing skills.

Since then, he’d built up a nothing-to-sniff-at roster of businesses, including:

  • a family office partnership,
  • an FX/crypto strategy consultancy,
  • a digital agency, specializing in email copy and online ads,
  • an information publisher

He’s been described (by others, you can be assured ?)…

… as the David Letterman of financial commentary,

… as Mr Angry Bird (by his condo residents association),

… and as Man of Peculiar Genius and Eccentric Interests (self-described).

He’s had experience starting virtually every basic side hustle and online business model anyone can think of over the years, before sticking to what he’s doing now.

He’s therefore uniquely qualified to present the information you’re about to buy… Oops, I mean, read. ?

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