9 Interesting Ways to Use ChatGPT

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When most people think of ChatGPT, they think of content creation. They automatically assume that all this versatile tool can do is create articles, emails and so on. By inadvertently limiting ChatGPT to what you think it can do, you’ll be shortchanging yourself.
This AI tool is capable of much more than content creation. In this article, we’ll explore 9 interesting ways you can use it in your online business…

1. Ask ChatGPT to be a critic
If you’ve written a piece of content such as a blog post or an email, you can enter this prompt: Criticize the content below (paste content below prompt).
ChatGPT will then tell you what’s wrong with your content. Maybe there are factual errors or sweeping generalization. Sometimes there may be grammar mistakes or sentence construction errors.
You’ll be able to get feedback on your content to make the necessary changes.

2. Ask ChatGPT for improvements
Just like how it could criticize you, ChatGPT can also give you constructive feedback. Go ahead and ask it how it can improve your content. It’ll present a list of suggestions that you could work on.

3. Ask it to come up with ideas
Struggling to come up with ideas for your blog post? Or maybe you wish to write a thriller novel and you need a story idea?
Go ahead and churn out as many ideas as you want. It only takes minutes.

4. Use it together with AnswerThePublic.com
AnswerThePublic is a website that collates the most common questions asked by searchers online for most niches. These are actual questions and by answering them and optimizing your answers for SEO, you could rank for many questions and drive traffic to your site.
Are you thinking what we’re thinking?
You bet! You can use ChatGPT to answer these questions, then tweak them so that they read well… and post them on your blog. With a link or two pointing to your posts, your content will rank well in the search engines.

5. Set the tone in your content
ChatGPT can write in tones that are reflective of human emotions. You could give it content written in a formal tone and ask it to rewrite the content in a conversational tone. Or an angry one… or even change the slant of the content.
For example, if you have a list of tips about helping a man recover from a breakup, you could ask ChatGPT to rewrite it to help women.

6. Model another author’s writing style
ChatGPT has been trained on several popular authors’ writing styles. Let’s ask it for a list of authors it can model…

So you can ask it to model these authors and more that are not mentioned above.

7. Create a customer avatar
If you’re about to enter a niche and want to create a product that will solve problems for the people in it, you can ask ChatGPT to research the niche and create a customer avatar for you.
You can even ask it to list the common problems that your avatar may have. Now you can create a product and write your sales copy in a tone that resonates with the audience you hope to target.

8. Train ChatGPT to learn your writing style
You can paste a piece of content that you wrote and ask ChatGPT to learn your writing style. Then you can ask it to write more content for you based on the same style.
This is especially useful when generating customer support replies and other emails. You want the content to sound like it’s coming from you.

9. Create a list of interview questions
Doing interviews on video or even creating an infoproduct by interviewing an expert is an excellent way to build an audience or get sales. But what questions will you ask?
No need to think too hard. Let’s ask ChatGPT!

Brilliant! Now you know what to ask your interviewee… and if you needed more questions, you could ask ChatGPT for another 10 questions.
These 9 interesting ways of using ChatGPT are just a few of the many out there. This tool has a vast knowledge base and advanced language processing capabilities. If you challenge it, you’ll be astonished and impressed by what it can do.
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