Supercharge Your Productivity with ChatGPT

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There are a plethora of ways online marketers can use ChatGPT to speed up their work processes. In this article, we’ll touch on a few main ones. What’s important to note is that you must have a system in place before leveraging ChatGPT in your business.
If you have no idea what you’ll be doing daily and are just flying by the seat of your pants, ChatGPT will still be helpful but productivity-wise, you’ll not be at your best. Now let’s see what ChatGPT can do for you.

* Research is faster than ever
While you can’t take ChatGPT’s generated content as gospel, for the most part, it is accurate. You’ll just need to fact check the content before using it.
What this tool does well is it collates and compiles facts from different sources into one answer. You can even ask it to give you the results in point format to simplify things.
For example, let’s ask ChatGPT to give us 7 ways to naturally reduce back pain (in point format). This is what you’ll get…

See what a timesaver it is?
Imagine having to do your own research and gathering these facts yourself. Not only will it take time, but you’ll need to scour through reference books and credible websites but here, ChatGPT does it all for you in seconds.
If that doesn’t scream productivity, nothing will.

* Batch your tasks
One of the most common techniques used to increase productivity is to batch your tasks. For example, doing all your research at one go… and when that’s done, you do your writing and nothing else… and once that’s done, it’s time to edit and so on.
It’s akin to an assembly line worker only focusing on one repetitive task so he/she gets fast and proficient at it.
Similarly, ChatGPT allows you to have multiple conversations on the dashboard. If you need to write 10 articles, you can first ask it to generate 10 article titles. The next step will be to open a new conversation for each article title and research it.
When that’s done, you can ask it to create an article outline for each one and so on. Since you’re having a ‘conversation’ in ChatGPT, it can reference the earlier answer and keep working on it until you’re satisfied.
By batching your tasks in this manner, your productivity will skyrocket.

* Improve your work
Fine tuning your work can be an arduous and time-consuming task, if done manually. Not only will you need to brainstorm and keep rewriting the content, but you’re limited by your own abilities.
Not so with ChatGPT. You can give it a piece of content you wrote and ask it to proofread and correct the mistakes. Besides that, you can even ask it for tips to make the content better and ChatGPT will give you suggestions that you can apply to fine tune your work.
It’s all done in minutes!

* Automate repetitive tasks
Customer support can be one of the most aggravating and cumbersome tasks you’ll have to handle online. While you could hire a virtual assistant to do it for you, it’ll cost you money… and marketers on a tight budget may not want an added cost.
Good news! ChatGPT can do the job for you. Just copy and paste the support ticket/email you received and ask it to generate a response for you. Then it’s just a matter of refining the response and sending it off to the customer.
Even difficult customers can be handled when you use ChatGPT. Since it has no emotions, it’ll not be tempted to give a ‘brutal’ reply, which many of us may be tempted to. Sometimes it pays not to be human.

* A/B testing
Landing page copy, email subject lines, sales page headlines and some other types of content require A/B split testing to increase conversions. In fact, trying to improve your conversion rate is a never-ending process. You’re always trying to beat the control.
However, this is easier said than done. If you wrote a headline and you’re proud of it, very often, you’ll struggle to create another headline that you believe is just as good as your ‘winning one’. You’re emotionally attached to your headline.
This happens to thousands of marketers. Either they’re reluctant to create something new, or they face a mental block and run out of ideas.
With ChatGPT, you’ll be able to ask it to create similar headlines (or whatever else you want) to what you already have. If you asked it to create 4 different headlines, it’d do so in seconds.
This tool will simplify the A/B split testing process by giving you new slants on an existing piece of content/text.
This will speed up your split testing process and you’ll be able to improve conversions much faster.

* Besides the points above…
ChatGPT can be used to create content calendar, social media marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and fulfil many other tasks that would have taken you ages to plan and do.
There’s no denying that this powerful tool will ramp up your productivity if you wield it discerningly in your business. So use it often, and use it well. You’ll have much more free time than you ever thought possible.

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